This was our last day to spend it in the park. In the morning we went to Animal Kingdom for a little bit to go meet Rafiki. He was one of the main characters I was really looking forward to meeting. I had to wear my Lion King ears just for him and he really liked them! This is the only Lion King character that you can meet and I was trying my hardest not to freak out.

Afterwards we met Chip and Dale and they were so cute!

We left Animal Kingdom to go to Hollywood Studios and we rode my favorite ride Tower of Terror, watched the live show of Beauty and the Beast and The Little Mermaid, rode rock’ n’ roller coaster, met Pluto, ate at the sci-fi dine-in theater restaurant which was super cool because we got to actually sit in these 1950’s styled cars and there was a huge drive in theater screen in front of us playing old cartoons like Tom and Jerry and super cheesy black and white sci-fi clips of alien monsters and such. It was pretty rad.

Afterwards we met one on one with Ms. Minnie Mouse herself. She is the cutest character ever and she loved my ears and my Minnie magicband!

Before Fantasmic, we met Mickey Mouse for the last time. Like I’ve said before, Mickey is my favorite character to take pictures with. I love this mouse more than anything in the world and I’m so happy that I’m able to consider him as my boss. We interacted a lot and took so many pictures, but it was a nice way to say “see ya real soon!” to the mouse himself.

We ended the night watching Fantasmic and it was AMAZING. I especially loved at the end where Mickey is riding his Steamboat Willie boat and (I know it’s hard to see) Mickey is actually wearing his Steamboat Willie attire from the classic cartoon! It was a very bittersweet and eventful way to end our last day in the park.

This was our last day to spent in the Magic Kingdom. In the early afternoon we had reservations for Be Our Guest, the restaurant entirely based off Beauty and the Beast. It’s a very popular restaurant that just opened a year or two ago. Originally we wanted reservations for dinner because that’s the only time that you can meet beast, but even though we were booking reservations three months in advance every single day we were there dinner was already booked, so we made reservations for lunch instead. I can’t even explain how extremely gorgeous and breath taking this restaurant was. We got to sit in the ball room and the pictures on the ceiling of the baby angels were just like the ones in the movie and I was legit tearing up so hard before our meal came. The food was super good and we ate the grey stuff that Lumiere assists on how delicious it is and it was, in fact, delicious. Hands down the best restaurant I’ve ever ate at. 

After lunch we had the chance to meet Lady Tremaine and the step sisters. We wanted them to sing for us and they refused too but Drizella liked my fashion sense so that’s always a plus too.

We had to go meet magician Mickey again and if you ask him to do a magic trick, he’ll do it! He was doing a card trick for Angela, which he kept getting wrong, but he’s still the most magical mouse in my book. He’s my absolute favorite character to take pictures with. ( ˘ ³˘)❤

Went over to meet Goofy and Donald and then ended the night watching Celebrate the Magic and Wishes! I was crying. What else is new?

We visited Epcot in the morning and got to travel all the countries! I Disney bounded as Belle and Angela was Ariel! The first character we met that morning was, of course, Belle in France. She is my all time favorite princess and I was trying really hard not to fan girl and cry. You know that moment where you meet somebody and nothing else around you matters? Yeah I was having one of those moments. She loved my Disney bound and she even called us twin sisters. Our interaction together was priceless and I just didn’t want it to end. We also met Aurora and she’s my second favorite princess and she was the sweetest.

We traveled over to Magic Kingdom in the afternoon and visited Gaston’s tavern and we happened to meet the charming conceited Gaston himself. We just had too.

We found Peter Pan afterwards! He’s one of those characters that is a little tricky too meet but luckily we did. A couple people in line thought I was Disney bounding as Wendy Darling but Peter clearly knew I was Belle and he wanted to fire everybody who kept thinking I was Wendy Darling.

Later that evening we went to the show Enchanted Tales with Belle and its a interactive show where people can participate to be the characters from Beauty and the Beast! Angela got the role of Mrs. Potts and at first I really didn’t want to do it because I have major stage fright but when the cast member asked who wanted to be the wardrobe Angela was pointing to me and he was like “for you, mademoiselle” I started to get a bit nervous before the show started, especially since I had to sing opera in front of everybody, but it was so much fun! I’m glad Angela made sure I got a role in the show and it’s also the only way that you can get your picture taken with Belle. Both Belle’s loved my Disney bound and I couldn’t even handle it ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ)

Angela had a surprise for me on meeting this special Mickey. I had no idea what I was in for. I was constantly asking her about it (because tbh I like being spoiled) and this was a TALKING Mickey. It was so emotional to actually meet this talking Mickey in person. I’ve see videos of him and I was tearing up so hard. It was hand downs the most amazing and magical moment I got to ever experience. 

This day overall was probably our favorite. Other than the characters interacting with us, a lot of people were referring us as Belle and Ariel and we were getting compliments from left to right. Disney bounding should be a must whenever you’re going to a Disney park.

After Animal Kingdom, we left back to our hotel room to get ready for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween party! Angela dressed up as Rapunzel and I was Scar from The Lion King. I’ve been planning this costume for months and I was so excited to be dressing up as the villain from my favorite movie. Throughout these past few years, I’ve been putting together my own Halloween costumes instead of investing a lot of money into them. Scar is a pretty easy character to dress up as, and plus, it’s all in the make up. This was also the first day we arrived to Magic Kingdom and I practically cried when I seen Cinderella’s castle in person and how everything in the park is decorated for fall/Halloween.

We got to meet Rapunzel and Cinderella in the Princess Fairytale Hall and they were both so nice! I made sure to let Cinderella know that Jaq and Gus Gus were the only mice I wouldn’t put a finger on.

We also met Tarzan, Jane, and Terk! These are very rare characters to meet. They all loved Angela’s Pascal, especially Terk. Then we traveld to Agrabah to meet Abu (another rare character) and Aladdin!

I’m very aware that Washington has its bipolar weather moments, but I learned Florida does as well. Later that evening, the villains were having a show in front of the castle then it started to rain and they all had to leave the stage so the fireworks and the parade were delayed until later that night.

The last characters we met that night was Jack and Sally. We waited about 40 minutes in line to meet these two and it was worth it. 

The first park that Angela and I went to was Animal Kingdom. I attempted to do a Simba Disney bound and I’m also wearing Lion King ears made by the one and only The Little Nezumi! (seriously check out her ears they’re amazing and I got so much compliments on them ^__^) We got to meet Mickey and Minnie in their safari outfits and omg they’re such cuties and afterwards we met Doug and Russell from UP! SO SWEET AND CUTE AH

One of the things I was looking forward too in Animal Kingdom is they have a show called Festival of The Lion King and because we all know The Lion King is my favorite movie, I had to go see it. I practically cried throughout the whole 30 minute show and it was amazing. There was a talking Simba, Timon, and Pumbaa and the music/dancing was fantastic and everything was beautiful I was a mess

After the show we got the chance to meet King Louie and Baloo from The Jungle Book! They’re interactions was probably one of my favorites. Baloo gave the best bear hugs ever and he was also spinning me around like a princess ✿♥‿♥✿

On our first day of Florida, Angela and I went to Universal Studios! We spent the majority of the time in Harry Potter world and it took me a couple days to fully recover how truly amazing it was. It literally makes you feel like you’re in Hogwarts and everything is so authentic and beautiful. The first thing I wanted to try there was their butter beer and oh my god it was so delicious I HAD to buy two.

They recently just opened a new part/ride of Harry Potter world not too long ago called Diagon Alley and I’m still recovering from how awesome that ride was. I was completely speechless when we got off. I didn’t know what to say or think because I was so blown away. Even though we were tired and felt like complete crap, we still had an amazing time.

So I’m just gonna post some pictures throughout each day that Angela and I spent in Orlando, Florida!

This was the day we very first arrived to our hotel, which was Disney’s All Star Movie Resort. We landed in Florida probably around 6:30/7:00 in the morning and it was a very long trip for us coming from Seattle to Orlando. We didn’t really get a lot of sleep on the plane so that day we were up for more than 24 hours. We’re troopers.

The hotel was really cool. They had all these statues of characters from different Disney movies and this one we visited Andy’s room. We thought this was so cute and we just had to take pictures before we left to go to Universal Studios. The room we stayed at was the Herbie Fully Loaded section. This was my first time ever staying at an actual Disney resort and the decor was awesome.

siiiiiiigh. just got back last night and my heart is really sore and heavy. I’m already homesick and I just want to go back more than anything (╯︵╰,) (▰˘︹˘▰) disney withdrawals are literally the worst

Sigh. Just got home a couple hours ago and my heart is very sore. I’m already homesick and I just want to go back more than anything. 😞 enjoy this emotional roller coaster ride of mine while I continue to post pictures from WDW, like this one where I got to meet one of the greatest characters of all time from my favorite movie. 🐒💚 #rafiki #thelionking #disney #disneyworld #wdw #animalkingdom #vscocam #afterlight
I literally could never get tired of meeting this wonderful mouse. 😍🐭❤ tomorrow is going to be such a hard day. #mickeymouse #disney #disneyworld #wdw #hollywoodstudios #vscocam #picframe (at Disney’s Hollywood Studios)